George Hook and Brendan Ogle lock horns over the homeless crisis

Ogle joined George on High Noon straight after helping announce the Home Sweet Home Emergency Housing Plan.

Things got a bit heated, as Unite's Brendan Ogle joined George on High Noon to discuss how the homeless crisis should be addressed.

It comes fresh off Ogle leading a press conference where he helped announce the Home Sweet Home Emergency Housing Plan.

It's a plan that they believe will 'address the needs of people who are homeless, stem the tide of homelessness, build for people and not profits, prevent a future housing crisis and ensure secure, affordable housing for all.'

George remained skeptical, citing the fact that this issue has been on our doorsteps for as long as the Irish State has been in place, and isn't sure what's being said by Ogle is any different to what's come before.

The pair clashed on issues such as tax take, music artists playing a role at Apollo House, wealth taxes, water charges, how much power the Minister for Housing has, and much more.

Ogle told George that "the homeless crisis isn't the fault of any one Government.  We're not going to fix it by January 11th when Apollo House is closed.  We've a meeting with Minister Simon Coveney at 4pm tomorrow, and hopefully he will have something to say to us.  Decisions can be taken with the stroke of a pen."

George remained unconvinced, accusing Ogle of being very simplistic.

Listen to the full exchange by clicking below.