Gardaí reviewing information from breath tests

Updating of checkpoint figures on the Garda website has been suspended until the review's completion

Gardaí reviewing information from breath tests

File photo. Photo: Sam Boal/

Gardaí have confirmed they are reviewing information they have been receiving from drink driving checkpoints.

According to The Irish Times, an audit was set up after a difference was found between the number of breath tests being recorded on Garda computer systems and the number of mouthpieces being ordered for the operations.

One disposable mouthpiece is used for each motorist who is breathalysed in a mandatory alcohol testing (MAT) test.

According to the newspaper, an examination found the number of results uploaded to the Garda 'Pulse' system from the Cork and Kerry regions was 17% higher than the total indicated by used mouthpieces and the screening devices themselves.

A statement from Gardaí says MAT checkpoint figures will not be updated on their website until the review has been completed.

Gardaí say the review will also help "identify additional information that would be of benefit in the future".

Conor Faughnan, Director of Consumer Affairs at the AA, says the discrepancy should be cleared up.

"Clearly it's a worry, because the public wants to have confidence that these things are being operated correctly," he observed.