Gangland crime high on Garda Representative Association agenda today

Gardai admit they are worried by the escalation in gangland activity

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The issue of tackling gangland crime will be high on the agenda at today's conference of the Garda Representative Association.

Ordinary Gardaí say they're ‘concerned and scared’ by the escalation in gangland activity in the capital.

Five people have been killed since the start of the year as part of a gangland feud.

Rank and file Gardai say unarmed officers should not be sent to respond to situations involving firearms, and they'll also be demanding a restoration of pay.

Michael McGrath from the Mayo Division said Gardai may never be sufficiently recompensed, but they deserve their money back;

The Garda Representative Association says it’s unacceptable that Gardaí haven't had tactical training in eight years.

At their conference in Killarney in Kerry they'll be debating motions on issues including training and arming officers.

GRA President Dermot O'Brien says lessons can be learned from the US - and that unarmed Gardaí should never have responded to the Regency Airport shooting in February:

Garda Colin Moran, who’s stationed at Dublin airport, says the escalation of gangland activity in Dublin is a cause for concern;