From tickets to toilet paper - Everything you need to bring with you to Electric Picnic

Your one-stop-shop for reminders of what you might forget to bring with you to the festival

Just like going on a little mini-holiday, heading down to Electric Picnic can fill you with doubts as to whether or not you've remembered to bring everything you should have with you.

Not to worry though, as we've put together the list of all the must-haves for every festival goer to make sure you have the most perfect time down in Stradbally this weekend:

Festival Ticket

An obvious one, yes, but one that SO MANY PEOPLE tend to get wrong; putting that gold-dust ticket somewhere safe for months only to forget to bring it with them to the festival. Whoops! Also, don't forget your travel tickets if you've bought return bus or train trips.

Money / Cash / ATM Card

There's not much fun to be had without any money, not if you want to buy any food or alcohol or, well, just generally surviving on the most basic level.

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If you're blessed/cursed with youthful features, expect to be asked to prove that you're legally old enough to enjoy an alcoholic beverage on site.

Fully Charged Phone / Portable Phone Charger

While there are some charging stations dotted around the festival, it might be more prudent to just arrive with your phone as close to 100% battery as possible. Bringing your own portable phone charger so you can top-up mid-performance instead of slogging across the entire site in order to keep your Snapchat / Instagram fans as up-to-date as possible is also recommended. 

Clothing For All Seasons

Leading up to the festival, the weather forecast keeps changing. There was fears of a hurricane just a few days ago, and now we're being told there might be a mini-heatwave. It being Ireland, that's absolutely no surprise whatsoever. So best to prepare for any and all possibilities, which includes waterproof clothing, shoes, wellies for the rain, sun hats and sun cream for the heat, and a nice warm jumper should it get particular cold at night, and a pair of good, strong shoes to get your through any terrain.

Sleeping Stuff

Some people say that sleeping on the cold, hard ground is quite good for your back, but we all love our creature comforts, so don't forget your sleeping bag, blankets and bed mats to make your disco-naps as comfy as possible.

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All the small stuff you might forget: toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, toiletries and towels, tissues, wet wipes, hand sanitiser, insect repellent, lots of spare socks, reusable water bottles and any medications you might need.

What Not To Bring

Anything you might miss dearly. While there is security on the site, there is no such thing as 100% security, so if you've any valuables - from jewellery to laptops - they'll be better off left at home.

The Newstalk Lounge will be located in the Mindfield Arena at this year's festival, and there'll be plenty happening with a full schedule of events across the weekend.