French blogger killed in freak whipped cream accident

Rebecca Burger suffered cardiac arrest after the pressurised dispenser she was using exploded

French blogger killed in freak whipped cream accident


A well-known blogger and fitness model in France was killed in a freak accident involving a whipped cream dispenser.

Rebecca Burger’s death was announced on her Facebook profile by family members, who attributed her demise to a “domestic accident.”

A popular lifestyle blogger and influencer, Burger was well known in her native France, with 55,000 fans on Facebook and 154,000 on Instagram.

According to French media, Burger died after suffering cardiac arrest after being struck in the chest by a projectile launched from a faulty cream dispenser. A member of the Burger family took to the blogger’s Instagram account to warn readers not to use the pressurised canisters, which use gas to whip cream.

“Don’t use this type of utensil at home,” the post warns. “Tens of thousands defectives ones are still out there.”

A French consumer group has been warning consumers for years about the risks associated with faulty connectors fitted into the gas capsules, which can force them apart and expel shrapnel at high speed.

Injuries linked to the phenomenon range from cracked teeth to multiple fractures, with one recorded loss of an eye.

A 2013 interview with a victim on RTL radio revealed the extent to which an explosion could reach.

“I had six broken ribs and my sternum was broken,” a victim said. “At the hospital, I was told that if the shock and blast had been facing the heart, I would be dead now.”

Kitchenware producers and websites report that the dispensers developed since 2015 have fixed the problem and pose significantly less threat.

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