Five people arrested after €1.7m in cash seized in Dublin and Wexford

One man has been released, while three men and one woman remain in custody

Updated 14:50

Gardaí are continuing to question four people arrested after the seizure of €1.7 million in cash.

Yesterday's cash seizures came during a series of searches in Dublin and Wexford by gardaí targeting organised crime.

The cash seized is believed to be linked to the Kinahan cartel.

Three men - aged aged 29, 38 and 47 - were arrested after the first searches in Wexford yesterday morning.

A 44-year-old man, meanwhile, was detained following further searches in the town yesterday evening.

They were all questioned on suspicion of money laundering offences.

Today, gardaí confirmed a 39-year-old woman has also been arrested in connection with the Wexford seizure.

One of the men has now been released, and a file is being prepared for the DPP.

The other four people remain in custody.

After earlier suggesting €1.2 million was seized across the three searches yesterday, gardaí have since upgraded that estimate to €1.7 million.

John O'Driscoll, Assistant Commissioner of Special Crime Operations, explained: "Any seizure of cash is significant - but when it's related to quantities of cash of the nature that were seized [on Saturday], obviously it's clear that we're dealing with the proceeds of organised crime gangs that are heavily involved in criminality.

"Criminality is to make money - so any success in terms of taking the money away from criminal gangs is an effective way of dealing with them."

Image: Garda Press Office