WATCH: Fort McMurray evacuees hold surprise fifth birthday party in hotel

Corina Nolin thanked all those involved for her son’s party

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Image: Facebook/Corina Nolin

They may have had to flee the massive Canadian wildfires, but that cannot stop a party.

 Corina Nolin, a mother who fled the blazes which devastated Fort McMurray, posted a video on Sunday showing a party held for her son Maddox's fifth birthday.

The footage was shot in a hotel in Edmonton, over 230 miles south of their hometown.

Nolin thanked those who helped to arrange the party, saying: "Someone we have just met came and brought presents collected from her friends for him".

“We had a big party planned...with a bouncy castle. We invited all his friends and his whole class".

"He was counting down the days for the last two weeks but since we were fleeing the fire he had not mentioned it even once".

“That morning he never even asked if he was going to get a birthday present. Every time I thought about his birthday I was crying because I was so sad for him not having anything now”.

She went on to thank her husband's employer, who booked the hotel, and the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel who baked the birthday cake, prepared food, and let the family use an area to celebrate.

“He had an amazing birthday!”, she said on Facebook.

“You have to see the excitement and total disbelieve in my son's eyes when he saw his friends today”, she added.