Former CEO of Irish Life & Permanent found guilty of conspiracy to defraud

The trial had become the longest criminal trial in the history of the State

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Denis Casey | Photo:

Former CEO of Irish Life & Permanent Denis Casey has been found guilty of a €7.2bn conspiracy to defraud.

He, along with former Anglo Irish Bank executives Willie McAteer and John Bowe, conspired to mislead the public about Anglo’s health in 2008.

Peter Fitzpatrick, who used to be a finance director at Irish Life & Permanent, was cleared of the same charge last week.

The jury came back having deliberated for 61 hours and 46 minutes.

The foreman told the registrar they had reached the guilty verdict by a majority of ten to one.

Mr Casey, who sat in the dock facing Judge Martin Nolan, made very little reaction. His family embraced in the public gallery behind him.

Today was Day 89 in what has become the longest running criminal trial in the history of the State and Judge Nolan has excused the jurors from jury duty for the rest of their lives.

Mr Casey has been remanded on continuing bail and will be sentenced along with Willie McAteer and John Bowe on July 25th.