Focus Ireland calls for referendum to put 'right to a home' in Constitution

The charity says the political parties have underestimated voters' feelings on this housing issue

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Homelessness charity Focus Ireland is calling for a referendum to put the 'right to a home' in the Constitution.

It is one of five election demands launched by the organisation aimed at ending homelessness.

The charity is also looking for 40,000 social homes, and end to the youth homelessness trap and reform of the rent supplement system.

They are also encouraging voters to ask candidates if they have a realistic and effective plan to end family homelessness.

The charity is calling on voters to email the demands to their local candidates.

Roughan McNamara of Focus Ireland says the parties have underestimated voters' feelings on this housing issue, saying "a record number of 5,000 people are homeless - this includes over 700 families".

The charity's Advocacy Director Mike Allen added that "this is a terrible crisis but it’s vital to stress that there are solutions to these problems but they will only be delivered if the newly elected Government knows that this is a national priority".

You can read more details of their campaign here.