Flights at Cork Airport suspended after drone incident

Airport Police and gardaí are investigating

Flights at Cork Airport suspended after drone incident

Cork Airport | File photo

Flights in and out of Cork Airport were stopped for a time earlier today.

Air Traffic Control suspended operations shortly after 9.45am when a drone was seen flying over the air field.

A spokesperson for Cork Airport say that services have since resumed.

Airport Police and gardaí are investigating the incident.

It comes less than a month after Dublin Airport launched a safety awareness campaign aimed at drone users.

Signs have been posted on the airport's perimeter fence, indicating it is a 'No Drone Zone'.

They also highlight that it is illegal to operate a drone in the vicinity of the airport.

Drones are forbidden from the vicinity of airports due to the risk of a drone colliding with an aircraft or being taken in by an aircraft's engine.

Ralph James, director of safety regulation at the IAA, says: "It's essential that the general public understand that drone activity is prohibited from taking place within the vicinity of an aerodrome for safety reasons."

As part of regulations, all drones over 1kg must be registered with the IAA through its website.

New figures show more than 247,000 flights were handled by Ireland's five main airports in 2016.

Dublin accounted for almost 83% of all flights (204,563), while Cork handled 8% (19,908).

Passenger numbers increased in all airports last year, with the exception of Waterford.