Five things to look out for at Web Summit 2016

The event gets underway in Lisbon tomorrow

Web Summit 2016 kicks off tomorrow morning at the MEO Arena in Lisbon. This is the first time the event will take place outside of Dublin. Some 50,000 attendees will take part in events organised by Web Summit, in Lisbon, across the week. 

Here's five things to look out for in the coming days.


Web Summit is known for attracting some of the biggest names from the world of tech and this year is no different. The full schedule is available here, but there's certain things to look out for. 


Working Wifi

This was one of the big issues with Web Summit in Dublin. Cosgrave was very critical of the patchy service in recent years, so fingers crossed we'll receive a reliable connection for the duration of Web Summit 2016. 

More than a burger and water

Last year was the year of "food-gate"; the most non-story story from the history of Web Summit.

Attendees were up in arms over the "rip-off" nature of the food vouchers. 

Big investments

Some 1,000 investors are attending Web Summit 2016, ranging from the world’s leading early stage funds like Y Combinator and 500 Startups to the world’s leading late stage funds like TPG and Silver Lake.

Each of the start-ups in attendance has their fingers crossed that a big investor will open their cheque book. 

Next big thing

Some companies really standout at Web Summit. You see start-ups of every nature pitch themselves to the media and potential investors. Concepts we haven't even considered are onsite here and many will become features of our everyday lives before long. 

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