Five skiers killed in Austrian avalanche

Around a dozen people were buried by falling snow

Five skiers from the Czech Republic have been killed after an avalanche at an Austrian resort in the Alps.

A police spokesman said the avalanche in the Tyrol region has also buried about a dozen people.

Authorities gave no immediate details on the conditions of the other casualties in the incident, which happened around noon local time.

The avalanche happened in the Wattental valley, around 40km southeast of Innsbruck in western Austria.

The deaths follow a number of deadly snowslides in the French Alps this season.

Five soldiers from the French Foreign Legion died near the resort of Valfrejus on 18 January, with a sixth dying days later in hospital.

Two French teenagers and a Ukrainian tourist were killed on 14 January when a teacher took the students onto a closed skiing piste at the Deux-Alpes resort.

The teacher, who was seriously injured, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.