Final Grenfell Tower death toll reaches 71 people, including stillborn baby

Officers have searched every flat and communal area in the building, which was destroyed in June

Final Grenfell Tower death toll reaches 71 people, including stillborn baby

File photo dated 15/06/2017 of Grenfell Tower in west London. Picture by: Rick Findler/PA Wire/PA Images

Police in the UK have set the final death toll from the Grenfell Tower fire at 71 people, including a stillborn baby.

The 24-storey building was destroyed in a fire on June 14th of this year, with dozens of residents having been unable to escape.

Metropolitan Police say they now believe all those who died in the fire have been recovered and formally identified.

The victims include stillborn Logan Gomes, who BBC reports died in hospital on the day the fire broke out.

They say "every single floor and every communal area" in the tower has now been meticulously searched.

Officials had earlier believed around 80 people may have been killed in the devastating fire.

Met Police Commander Stuart Cundy said: "I have been clear from the start that a priority for us was recovering all those who died, and identifying and returning them to their families.

"I cannot imagine the agony and uncertainty that some families and loved ones have been through whilst we have carried out our meticulous search, recovery and identification process."

He explained that 400 people had been listed as missing, and police had to reconcile multiple reports about the same people - including one person who was reported missing 46 separate times.

Commander Cundy added: "Some were reported under a number of different names, even the slightest differences in spellings had to be thoroughly investigated and reconciled. Until that process was complete those people continued to be regarded as missing.

"The extensive work to locate all those reported as missing only concluded in the last few weeks. Police are now confident they have all been traced and accounted for."

A criminal investigation into the blaze is continuing, while a formal state inquiry is also underway.