Fianna Fáil vice-president caught up in Westminster attack

Arthur Griffin says there was panic, but also a sense of calm

Fianna Fáil vice-president caught up in Westminster attack

The Union Jack flies at half mast over the Palace of Westminster in London following Wednesday's terror attack | Image: Kieran Cuddihy

One of those caught up in Wednesday's terror attack in Westminster was the vice-president of Fianna Fáil, Arthur Griffin.

He was in Westminster as the attack unfolded, in which four people died.

He told Newstalk Breakfast: "I exited the gate at the Parliament of Westminster...and walked across to an officer building opposite, Liberal Democrat HQ".

"By the time myself and the lady I met had gotten into the elevator and gotten to the third, I had a text message asking me was I OK.

"We looked up and it was on the news and the entire office was watching it."

"It's a very busy area - there was thousands of people there.

"There's lots of tourists and that kind of thing around - it was really quite calm and quite busy, just normal day-to -day traffic until we saw what had happened."

Arthur Griffin | Image via @ArthurGriffin on Twitter

He says while the atmosphere was tense, there was also a sense of calm.

"There was kind of a calmness at the same time - they've been through this before.

"I was in a political party headquarters in the Liberal Democrats and apparently they had had a similar sort of a situation in terms of when the MP Jo Cox was murdered - the police had put their building in lockdown at that stage and later evacuated them similarly."

"We were looking out the window trying to figure out what we could see.

"You'd see policemen, you could see the cars and people being shepherded - I have to say very calmly, very effectively, very quickly - out of the area".