Fianna Fáil say RTÉ salaries do not need to be published

There are calls for an audit to examine any potential gender pay gap

Fianna Fáil say RTÉ salaries do not need to be published

The RTÉ campus in Dublin | File photo

Fianna Fáil is opposing calls for RTÉ to follow the lead of the BBC in revealing its salaries.

The party's communications spokesman, Timmy Dooley, says there is not necessarily any need for the broadcaster to reveal all six-figure salaries it pays.

But he has hit out at the prospect of a gender pay gap at the broadcaster, and demanded an internal audit into whether one exists.

He told reporters this did not mean forcing high-earning RTÉ staff to have their salaries made public.

"I don't need to know what everybody in RTÉ is paid, nor I don't think the public necessarily need to know either.

"What we do need to know is that there are appropriate pay structures and that equal pay is awarded, regardless of whether you're male or female so that there is no gender bias".

However, plans by the broadcaster to audit its pay have been labelled "too little, too late".

The claim comes from Labour Senator Kevin Humphreys, who has been released details of RTÉ pay increases under Freedom of Information.

The broadcaster has revealed it paid "performance-related increments" to 207 managers last year.

But it insists wages were only increased after a performance review in each case.

Senator Humphreys says the broadcaster needs to be more transparent about all of its wages, and that RTÉ staff agree with him.

"It's performance related... There's been complaints before in relation to salaries of what is a bonus and what isn't.

"Something that's performance related is a bonus, and I think RTÉ needs to step up and say 'yes, we've been caught'".

"I think they should publish all salaries over 100,000 inside RTÉ and they should do that immediately.

"I think it's the responsibility of the authorities to do so, I think the board needs to step up to the mark and give that instruction - not only just for the sake of the public, but also for the staff that work in RTÉ".