Fancy a coffee on the Central Bank's roof?

The building's new owners want public rooftop access...

Fancy a coffee on the Central Bank's roof?


The new owners of the current Central Bank building on Dublin's Dame St hope to open access to the building's roof to the general public.

Brian Moran, a Senior Managing Director of Hines Ireland spoke to Newstalk's Breakfast Business, his firm is part of the group which purchased the building for some €67m, he said that they foresee "opportunities even on top of the building to have more public access."

Archiseek picture of the view from its upper floors

When asked about plans to bring food and beverage units to the iconic building, he replied the main plans are to bring these services to the ground floor, but there is also a chance of outlets opening on the top of the building:

"Potentially even, if we can depending on planning, [we'll] bring some people to the top of the building and have some nice views over the city aswell," he told Newstalk.

He added that the redevelopment hopes to bring an "enlivened edge" to the building to compliment the pedestrianisation of College Green.

The stark bank premise has a dominating presence in Dublin's skyline - it was completed in 1978 and officially opened in late 1979.

Hines and Peterson Group formed a partnership to make the acquisition last month. Hines had emerged as the preferred bidder back in November. The deal was managed by the bank's property advisors, Lisney.

Elsewhere, Hines has continued its heavy investment in student accomodation. The US firm has confirmed the acquisition of the 205 bed student accommodation complex, formerly the Montrose Hotel opposite the front gate of UCD in Dublin for €37.6m.

It currently operates one student complex in the city and has four more coming on-stream.

Mr Moran believes that while there is "a lot of noise" about first-time buyers, there is much more demand for one and two-bedroom units as rental supply in the capital lingers at all time lows.

The company is open to building or acquiring more student residences around the country, but its primary focus (for now) is on the Dublin market.

The busy company has also just commenced construction of effectively of a new residential town in Cherrywood, South County Dublin.