Facebook still chasing Snapchat as it adds new camera features to Messenger

You'll be able to add filters and draw on your photos

The Great App-Catchup continues as Facebook as now added camera features to its Messenger app similar to Snapchat.

The update has started to roll out around the world, and will put new camera functions right in the middle of Messenger. You’ll now be able to add emoji, filters, and doddle across the photos you send to friends.

It’s practically the same features as Snapchat, except they should keep in your messages history instead of disappearing.

Facebook has been trying to implement camera upgrades like this for a while now, without it catching on much. It introduced Stories to Instagram, and then added similar camera features to what you’re going to get in Messenger in the main Facebook app, though that feature is only being trialled here in Ireland before being rolled out globally.

It’s another testament to how far ahead Snapchat has been in building an interesting social network. For an app that seemed fun and quirky when it was first released, it now has the biggest names chasing it, trying to catch up with its attractive features.