Facebook Messenger scam steals passwords

If you're a Messenger user, keep an eye out for this link

If you use Facebook Messenger, keep an eye out for the following message. If it pops up on your screen, don't click on the link, simply ignore it. 

Many people reported seeing this scam over the weekend, myself included. Clicking on the video brings users to a page that asks them to log into Facebook with their email and password. 

I suspected it was a scam after clinking on the link as I had never been asked to put in my Facebook password to watch a video before. I inserted a false password and was brought to a YouTube "Fails" compilation. 

Unfortunately, many others inserted their actual password, meaning their accounts were vulnerable. 

If you were impacted by this type of scam, you should change your password immediately and alert the person who sent the scam message to you.