Facebook Ireland help women 'Lean In' with new groups

The movement was inspired by Sheryl Sandberg's 2013 book of the same name

Facebook Ireland hosted the first all-Ireland Lean In event, earlier this week. We are the latest of 150 countries to join in the Lean In Network, which was inspired by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg's 2013 book of the same name. 

While the Lean In Network has been active in Northern Ireland for some time, Tuesday saw the first all-Ireland event take place at the social network's Dublin headquarters. The company's EMEA Financial Operations Director, Majella Mungovan, is one of a number of high-profile businesswomen who spoke at the event. Speaking to Newstalk.com this week, she explained the fundamental concept of LeanIn.org

"The idea for the organisation is to help women, by creating greater awareness around gender diversity issues. Sheryl Sandberg has created a lot of educational materials to help create communities that will support women."

Ms Mungovan said the idea to bring the movement to the Republic was the brainchild of Nuala Murphy, founder of Lean In Belfast. Ms Murphy explained her reasoning for doing so. 

“Having witnessed the appetite for a Lean In Chapter in Northern Ireland, with Lean In Belfast now at nearly 1,000 members, it seemed only right to extend the network right across the island, growing our networks and opportunities. I am delighted to be working with my colleagues at Lean In Ireland to continue to spread the message of the power of peer support, and the importance of coming together to connect, learn and share, because together we are better.”

(L-R): Majella Mungovan, EMEA Financial Operations Director, Facebook, and Nuala Murphy - CEO & Founder, Moment Health pictured at

LeanIn.org seeks to support women in three key ways:

  • Public awareness initiatives that change the way we think about gender;
  • Education materials that help women build new skills and provide everyone with research-based recommendations for advancing gender equality at home and at work;
  • And through the LeanIn circles.

Ms Mongovan said it was extremely fitting that the first LeanIn event was hosted in Facebook's HQ. 

"Facebook’s distinctive cultural ethos resonates strongly with the goals of Lean In - empowering women; personal and professional development; and challenging people to change the way they think, to make life more inclusive.” 

Further information on LeanIn.org and a listing of events taking place near you can be found here