European Parliament rules in favour of 'stream like home'

Access Irish Netflix, Spotify and more no matter where you are in the EU from 2018

European Parliament rules in favour of 'stream like home'

File photo of a woman using a mobile phone | Image: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire/PA Images

The European Parliament has ruled so that EU citizens can access services such as Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime around the EU just like they do at home. 

At present, if you travel within the EU and access a service such as Netflix, you are a met with the local library of TV shows and movies, rather than the Irish selection. Once the new rules come into effect, Irish users will be able to access the Irish library regardless of their location within the EU. 

Irish MEP, Deirdre Clune has welcomed this move. 

“Previously, copyright-protected online content lacked what is known as cross-border portability, meaning that not all of your content could be used when abroad. However, these new rules change that based on your permanent residence of one member state so that content available in that country will be available when you travel in the EU, for business, holidays or for studies."

Details of the ruling can be found here

This does not impact those travelling outside of the EU. If for example, a user travels to the US, they will be able to access the US library of content. 

The new rules were adopted by 586 votes to 34, with 8 abstentions.