Elderly couple found dead in Armagh home are laid to rest

A joint funeral service has taken place for them

Elderly couple found dead in Armagh home are laid to rest

Drumcree Parish Church | Image: Google Earth

The family of Michael and Marjorie Cawdery - the elderly couple killed last month - have thanked the public for their support.

The pair, both aged 83, were found dead in their Portadown home. A joint funeral service has taken place for them in Drumcree Parish Church.

A large number of mourners attended the service, along with members of the close family.

Family members present included Michael's brother Paddy, his sister Sally and Marjorie's brother Ned - plus their three children, son-in-laws and four grandchildren.

Colin Wilkins, Marjorie's nephew, delivered her eulogy describing her as "one of the most lovable people that I will ever know.

"The best words to describe Marjorie are 'kind' and 'lovely' - and her greatest quality - loving kindness.

"Marjorie was an incredibly soft-hearted, patient and generous person.

"She was a delight to be around. She loved life and made everyone around her happy, with her positive sense of fun - and the fact that she was always more interested in other people rather than herself.

"Nobody who knew Marjorie will ever forget how special she was - we will carry memories of her in our hearts forever."

'Love in action'

In his eulogy for his brother, Paddy said that Michael "possessed a bright and inquisitive mind.

"To the end, he was engaged in using his skills to the benefit of others through the medical and veterinary communities in Britain and Ireland."

Reverend Gary Galway also paid tribute to the couple, saying: "A person once said that it is not words but actions that speak louder and to witness love in action is a beautiful thing.

"I have witnessed this love in action through the family, through friends, through the church and through the community and I have to say it is beautiful.

"No one can dispute that a horrible act was committed and the family have been devastated by such an act, but they remain resilient and continue to be such a comfort and strength to each other."

The family want to express their gratitude to the community in Upper Ramone Park and throughout Portadown and wider afield for their "expressions of gratitude and simple acts of remembrance" such as the leaving of flowers.

The family added: "We are still deeply shocked by the terrible events of 26th May and it will take time to accept them.

"But we are pleased that so many people have contacted us to pay tribute to Michael, a man of enormous intellect and hands-on ability who never ceased learning, and Marjorie his devoted wife and partner for over 55 years. We remember her as a gentle, warm and humorous mother and grandmother."