Eir hit with €3m ComReg fine

Relating to its responsibility to maintain rural phone services...

The telecommunications regulator, ComReg, has imposed a €3m fine on Eir, it's one of its largest fines to date.

The penalty related to company breaches of a number of performance targets in relation to connecting and repairing rural phone services.

It has responsibilities as a universal service provider to maintain connectivity.

The targets were set for 2015 when services were particularly badly affected by storms, which Eir had highlighted as a mitigating factor, according to The Irish Times.

Comreg has said that this matter is now closed and no further action will be taken against Eir.

Despite rapid changes in the communications market, Eir remains the State’s universal social provider which requires it to supply phone lines in remote (and unprofitable) areas at a cost of up to €7,000 - if it costs more then the individual or business must also contribute.

Eir is also required to offer public payphones and to publish phone books.

It has argued that it costs the company some €10m per year to provide rural phone lines and that this cost should be shared by all providers operating in the Irish market.