Eight-year-old child arrested on suspicion of 'lesbianism’

The girl was reported to police by a neighbour

An eight-year-old girl has reportedly been arrested in Uganda for committing “lesbianism.”

The girl is understood to be in police custody after her neighbour reported her to the police for engaging in “romantic relationships” with other girls.

The girl is in custody in the town of Jinja in the eastern region of the country. An officer from Jinja police said she was taken in for seeking “romantic relationships” with other girls, according to Gay Star News.

The child's neighbour alleged the girl repeatedly tried to "lure" other girls to a nearby farm. The neighbour said she witnessed the girl enact "various sex acts using her fingers".

As the girl is a minor, she cannot be named for legal reasons.

Homosexuality has been prohibited in Uganda since the 1950s and the country has some of the most restrictive anti-LGBT laws in the world.