EU tackles geoblocking and opens streaming networks

This will allow you to watch your favourite shows wherever you go...

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Winona Ryder stars as Joyce Byers in 'Stranger Things' [Netflix]

A rule change in Brussels means that you'll be able to access your favourite streaming services across all of the EU.

These new rules will introduce cross-border "portability" for digital products - meaning that Netflix users in Ireland can watch films and TV shows when away on holidays or doing business in the EU.

It will also open access to subscription services like Sky Go to watch live sports, regardless of local broadcast deals.

These changes also cover gaming, eBook, and music offerings - but it only applies to subscription services, meaning platforms like BBC's iPlayer will still not be available in Ireland.

This is another step towards the creation of a 'Single Digital Market' for the EU - allowing greater access to online services across the 28 member states.

The Commission's vice-president with responsibility for the Digital Single Market said, "Agreements are now needed on our other proposals to modernise EU copyright rules and ensure a wider access to creative content across borders. I count on the European Parliament and Member States to make it happen."

The companies who provide these services will be called on to take, "reasonable and proportionate measures" when verifying where subscribers are from when they login abroad. These include checking registration and payment details, and IP addresses. Providers will be required to tell customers which data they are using.

They will have 9 months to comply with the rule change.