WATCH: New visitor centre opens to tell the story of Irish emigrants

The 'EPIC Ireland' attraction is based in the Dublin Docklands

EPIC Ireland, CHQ Building, Dublin, Irish emigrants, Diaspora, Neville Isdell

Newstalk's Pat Kenny (left) and Neville Isdell at the EPIC Ireland centre | Image via @EPICIrelandCHQ

A new exhibition is opening in Dublin to tell the story of Irish emigrants.

The new 'EPIC Ireland' visitor attraction in the Dublin Docklands will be open to the public from Saturday May 7th.

The interactive exhibition will showcase Ireland's history and the country's growing Diaspora.

It will also feature a genealogy experience never seen before in Ireland. The high-tech designed centre also contains 20 interactive galleries.

Neville Isdell is the founder and chairman of the project, as well as being the former chairman of Coca-Cola World-wide.

He also owns the CHQ Building in Dublin, where the exhibition is being housed.

He originally hails from Downpatrick, Northern Ireland - but went to school in what is now modern-day Zambia.

Newstalk's Pat Kenny (left) and Neville Isdell at the EPIC Ireland centre | Image via @EPICIrelandCHQ

He told the Pat Kenny Show here on Newstalk he is not ready to settle down just yet.

"I've ended up in Ireland in terms of having investment in Ireland...but actually I live in four different parts of the world", he said.

"I've lived over my life and worked in 11 countries on five continents...I look at the world as my entity rather than one single base".

He says his vision for The CHQ Building - for which he paid €10.1m - is still coming together.

"The vision before was really a high-end shopping centre, but the location actually wasn't right, really...but it was also hit of course by the crisis".

"We do an awful lot of events and we work with the George's Dock people so we can bring it alive...but the core - the first stage - was really resuscitating what you would call the lunchtime trade".