Dutch politicians plan to make all non-eco-friendly cars illegal by 2025

Gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles could be banned in Holland within a decade

A group of politicians in Holland have put forward a new environmental aware plan that could see all gasoline and diesel powered vehicles illegal by 2025.

The PvdA, which are Holland's Labour Party, have already presented the plan andit has been approved by Tweede Kamer, the country’s lower house of Parliament.

While vehicles that currently run on gasoline or petrol will be allowed to continue to be used until they are no longer deemed roadworthy, the plan will kick into effect from 2025, making it illegal to sell or purchase any new vehicles that are not entirely electric or hydrogen-dependent, which means not even the more environmentally friendly likes of a Prius would be allowed.

Members of opposing party Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (VVD, the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy) have been in distant opposition to the plan, calling the idea of a gasoline-free Netherlands, “the wishful thinking of a headless chicken.”