Dutch cyclist cheats death twice by switching Malaysia flights

Maarten de Jonge switched from both flight MH370 and MH17 at the last minute

Dutch cyclist cheats death twice by switching Malaysia flights

Cyclist Maarten de Jonge

A dutch cyclist has managed to cheat death twice after he switched his tickets last minute for both of the tragic Malaysia Airlines flights MH370 and MH17. 

Maarten de Jonge was due to fly on flight MH17 which was allegedly shot down by near the Russian-Ukraine border last week. 

Jonge decided last minute to change his flight plans and after he discovered the news about the tragedy, he tweeted, 'If I had left today then...' and a link to the news story.

The 29-year-old was also due to fly on the Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight, which disappeared over the Indian Ocean in March.

Jonge and his cycling team were scheduled to take the flight departing from Kuala Lumpur to compete in a race in Taiwan, but they switched to another flight to avoid having a stopover, unknowingly avoiding tragedy.

The cyclist is still planning on travelling to Malaysia for a cycling competition, but says he isn't worried about travelling following the most recent incident with Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 near Ukraine. 

On his official website, Jonge wrote in Dutch saying: “How happy I am for myself and my family that I wasn't on this flight and did not take it at the last moment; my story is ultimately nothing compared to the misery in which so many people are paid."

“Attention should be paid to the victims and survivors. Wishing everyone affected by this disaster a lot of strength,” he added.