Dublin Zoo welcomes new Asian elephant calf

Zoo staff are inviting the public to submit name suggestions for the new arrival

A new Asian elephant calf has been born at Dublin Zoo.

An elephant named Asha gave birth to the healthy and as yet unnamed female calf on Monday evening, following the 22-month gestation period.

Dublin Zoo says the calf is estimated be just under 1 metre tall and weighs around 70kg.

The young baby elephant is Asha’s first calf, and the fourth elephant calf born at the zoo in two years.

The calf will join a herd of eight Asian elephants at the zoo, which includes the new arrival's father Upali.

Zoo staff are inviting the public to submit name suggestions on the Dublin Zoo website.

Gerry Creighton, Operations Manager at Dublin Zoo, said: "New life is just what we're about [...] We're like kids on Christmas morning.

"This is a very special birth for the animal care team and a historic day for Dublin Zoo. Mum Asha was the first Asian elephant born in Dublin Zoo back in 2007 and today we are celebrating her first calf," he added.