Dublin Zoo welcomes birth of Asian elephant calf

The calf is thought to be one metre tall, weighing 80kgs

Dublin Zoo welcomes birth of Asian elephant calf

Image: Patrick Bolger/Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo is celebrating the birth of a female Asian elephant calf.

Bernhardine (Dina), who is the matriarch of the herd, gave birth to the healthy calf on Monday night after a 22-month gestation period.

The calf is estimated to be one metre tall and weighs approximately 80kgs.

Image: Patrick Bolger/Dublin Zoo

The new arrival is Dina's third calf and the fifth elephant calf born at the zoo in less than three years.

The new-born will join the herd of nine Asian elephants - including her father Upali.

Gerry Creighton, operations manager at Dublin Zoo, said: "We are delighted with the new arrival and happy to report that both mum and calf are doing great.

"The calf is feeding exceptionally well and has settled into her surroundings seamlessly.

"We are very proud of the expanding herd and recognise the significance of these births for the future of endangered Asian elephants."

Image: Patrick Bolger/Dublin Zoo

The new-born is a significant success for Dublin Zoo as part of the international breeding programme.

This was established to assist the survival of the Asian elephant.

It is estimated that only 30,000 to 60,000 of these animals exist in the wild, with the largest population found in India.