Dublin Archbishop makes appeal for food charity

AUDIO: Crosscare says it is struggling to cope with demand

The Archbishop of Dublin is issuing an urgent appeal for food for families and charities in the capital.

Diarmuid Martin says the Crosscare agency of the church - which assists people in need - is struggling to cope with demand.

The Archbishop is urging people to donate non-perishable items to their local church at weekend masses.

Last year the social care agency of the Dublin Archdiocese provided 500 tonnes of food to families in need. Crosscare also supports 10 charities in the capital, including the St. Vincent de Paul.

Last week the Food Bank of the agency received requests from 120 families in one community alone. However they only had enough food to distribute 40 parcels.

The Archbishop is issuing an urgent appeal for food donations for the first time in almost a decade.

Diarmuid Martin says there has been a significant increase in the number of families seeking food and that Crosscare is running out of supplies.

The types of food urgently needed include pasta, rice, fruit juice, tea, coffee, soup, sugar, powdered milk, tinned meat and fish, tinned fruit and vegetables, packaged desserts, biscuits and hygiene products.