Driving instructor caught drunk teaching on the job

After his student ploughed into a wall, police asked the teacher for a blood sample

Driving instructor caught drunk teaching on the job

[Flickr/Driver and Vehicle Standards]

A driving teacher in Germany who failed to avert a crash during a lesson with a student because he was too drunk to brake the car has been arrested by police after an accident.

The 57-year-old instructor took to the passenger seat of his specialist car on Tuesday night for a lesson with a 17-year-old male learner. When the car careened off the road and rammed into a wall while the student was attempting to turn, the police were called.

Arriving on the scene in Warendorf, to the north-west of Dortmund, an office thought the smell of alcohol could be detected on the breath of the instructor and asked him to take a breathalyser exam.

Testing positive, a sample of his blood was then taken to check his blood-alcohol level, determining that he was over the legal limit. The instructor’s teaching licence was taken from him, as well as his driving one, and his instructor’s car was towed away.

While neither man in the vehicle was injured, the damage done to the wall of the house was reported by local police as costing €9,000 for repairs. It’s unclear which of the men in the vehicle will be liable to pay the damages.

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