Decoding Draghi's euro hints

The ECB has raised its growth forecast...

Central Bank chiefs across the world know that every utterance they make in public will be subject to intense scrutiny - this means they are very careful about what they say. ECB President Mario Draghi offered onlookers a few remarks to chew over in Frankfurt this afternoon.

The euzo zone's core rates will remain unchanged - but there was a subtle change in the Italian's language.

He told the media that the bank remains committed to its quantitative easing bond-buying programme until December of this year. In the past, these comments have included a commitment from the ECB to use "all the instruments available within its mandate" to provide stimulation - this line was missing today.

This could suggest that the ECB is beginning to move away from its prolonged (and at times desperate) attempts to pump life into the bloc.

Euro zone growth and inflation figures suggest that it's economic recovery is starting to stick - across the Atlantic the Fed is already back raising rates.

The ECB raised its growth forecasts for this year and 2018 today to 1.8% and 1.7%.

Mr Draghi's speech has reiterated that, "The euro is here to stay. It’s not about whether or not it is irrevocable. It is."

This statement comes as anti-EU politicians make gains across the Union - particularly in the Netherlands and France ahead of spring elections.