Dr Luke claims Kesha falsely told Lady GaGa he raped another artist

The legal battle between the producer and the singer continues

Producer Lukasz 'Dr Luke' Gottwald claims singer Kesha told Lady GaGa he sexually assaulted another artist as well as her, according to new court filings.

The producer and pop star have been embattled in a New York court case since 2014, with Dr Luke suing Kesha for defamation and Kesha countersuing based on her assertions of rape and other abuse.

Dr Luke alleges that Kesha sent Lady Gaga text messages last winter saying that Luke raped both Kesha and another female recording artist. Luke claims that this text conversation caused Gaga to further ruin Luke’s reputation in the media.

"During this text message conversation, Kesha falsely and basely asserted that Kesha and another female recording artist … had both been raped by [Dr. Luke],” the complaint states. "Kesha’s assertions to Lady Gaga were completely false.” Dr. Luke “did not rape Kesha, and he did not rape the other recording artist.

It adds: "Kesha was (and is) well aware Gottwald never raped Kesha. Kesha has no basis or justification whatsoever to falsely assert that Gottwald raped the other recording artist.

"Since this text message conversation, Lady Gaga has spread negative messages about Gottwald in the press. Indeed, Lady Gaga has gone so far as to suggest during a radio interview that she possesses secret information regarding Gottwald that is damaging to him. Lady Gaga’s statements during this radio interview were thereafter repeated and spread widely by many international media outlets."


In her recently-amended counter claims, Kesha alleges that Dr. Luke’s case against her "is not about money or business. It is a vendetta against Kesha.”

Her counterclaims state: "You can get a divorce from an abusive spouse. You can dissolve a partnership if the relationship becomes irreconcilable. The same opportunity—to be liberated from the physical, emotional, and financial bondage of a destructive relationship—should be available to a recording artist."

She further claims that if Dr. Luke succeeds in winning tens of millions of dollars in damages from Kesha and her mother, "Kesha and her mother would be penniless."


In a New York Supreme Court on February 19th last year, 28-year-old singer Kesha was denied her legal appeal to be released from her contract with Dr Luke.

In 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against her producer, Dr. Luke. She claimed that he physically and sexually assaulted her. She also claimed that on one occasion, he drugged her and she woke up afterwards, naked and unsure of where she was.

However, Dr Luke denies the allegations and states that the singer was merely trying to smear his reputation.

In the same year that she filed the lawsuit, the Tik Tok singer revealed that she was suffering from an eating disorder, a disorder she claimed was fuelled by Dr Luke who apparently pressured her to lose weight. She spent two months in rehab battling the illness.

Kesha legally has to have six songs produced on her album by Dr Luke. His lawyers and lawyers for Sony who are his partner in his record company claim that Kesha is violating the terms of her five-album contract by not recording any new material.

In March last year, it was reported that Dr Luke's label Sony was due to drop Dr Luke from their roster over the allegations.

An attorney for Dr Luke later issued a statement refuting reports, citing Dr Luke and Sony's "excellent relationship"