Donegal man banned from keeping dogs after cruelty case

Unburied carcasses of three dogs were found on George Cavanagh's property

A Donegal man has been banned from keeping dogs for 10 years after pleading guilty to seven counts of cruelty to the animals. George Cavanagh, of Carrowhugh, Greencastle in Donegal was convicted at Donegal District Court.

The counts to a number of dogs on his property date from January and February in 2011.

18 dogs were found living in poor conditions at his property. Inspectors from the ISPCA also found the decomposing and unburied carcasses of three other dogs.

Some were tied on short tethers and others confined in sheds and a stationary jeep with inadequate ventilation. Many did not have access to water, suitable shelter and bedding.

The court heard how ISPCA Officer Kevin McGinley tried to persuade Mr. Cavanagh (77) to voluntarily surrender the majority of the dogs, but that Mr. Cavanagh refused.

Judge Paul Kelly banned him from keeping dogs for 10 years and also fined him €500.

He also ordered that Mr. Cavanagh pay costs of €400 to a vet that accompanied the gardai and ISPCA on an inspection. The vet, Stuart Johnston, requested that his fee be paid to the ISPCA.

Inspector McGinley said "This case has taken a long time to be finalised and I am pleased that the conclusion was successful. The ban will prevent a similar situation arising again for the foreseeable future".

Main image: One of the dogs found at Mr. Cavanagh's property