Donald Trump's charity under scrutiny

His foundation lacks the official certification to solicit money from the public in New York

Donald Trump's charity under scrutiny

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump [AP Photo/David Goldman]

Donald Trump's charitable foundation lacks the certification needed for charities that solicit money, the Washington Post is reporting.

The Donald J. Trump foundation, which is based in New York, never obtained the certification that the state requires in order to ask for public donations.

Any charity which solicits over $25,000 a year from the public has to obtain a special kind of registration prior to beginning operations. 

The charity could be forced to cease its money-raising operations if the state attorney's office finds that the foundation worked in violation of the law. 

Speaking to the Washington Post, professor of Law James Fishman from Pace University said: "He's a billionaire who acts like a thousandaire." 

"You wouldn't expect somebody who's supposed to be sophisticated, and brags about his business prowess, would run his foundation like this" he added.

Trumps charity also came under fire earlier this year when charitable donations were made via his foundation to Florida state attorney Pam Bondi in 2013, as her office was considering an investigation into his University.

A case was never pursued against the institution and Trump's foundation incorrectly filed the $25,000 payment as going towards a charity in Kansas. Trump paid a $2,500 penalty for the error earlier this year.