Donald Trump to give a speech tonight at the final day of Republican convention

Last night's event caused huge uproar when Texan senator, Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump

Republicans in the US will hear from Donald Trump tonight at the final day of their four-day convention in Cleveland Ohio.

Tonight's speech by Donald Trump is the final chance the Republicans have to cobble together some semblance of cohesion after last night's epic refusal by Senator Ted Cruz to endorse Trump for nominee.

Cruz's highly anticipated speech, given at a prime slot in the evening, was expected by supporters to be the deal-breaker moment of the convention when the bitter, acrimonious days of the nomination trail disiappated for the greater good of the party.

Instead, Trump will now face a convention filled with anger, shock and disarray.

He already had some of a way to go to unite a very fractured constituency; this latest drama piling even more pressure on.