Displeased with her mugshot, police fugitive asks TV news station to use a better photo

Amy Sharp commented on a TV station's Facebook post, requesting they use another image of her

Amy Sharp

Amy Sharp's mugshot on the left and her preferred image on the right [Twitter]

At a time when mugshots can turn criminals into models or global figures of ridicule in a matter of hours, one Australian escapee has shown surprising chutzpah in her efforts to have the police use a better one of her.

After fleeing from corrective services officers in Sydney on August 19th when is custody for property offences, police issued the mugshot of Amy Sharp to local media outlets. When the TV station 7 News shared her photo on Facebook seeking information from the public, Sharp surprised everyone by posting a photo of herself she would rather they use.

Sharp also included an angel-face emoji with her message, despite being on the run from the law. At the time of writing, the comment has been like more than 62,000 times, garnering more than 10,000 comments of its own. 

Sharp, who describes herself in her social media accounts as "just a lil princess with anger issues," was arrested on Saturday, near to from where she had made her escape. Despite her request, and the swell of popular support it received, all subsequent reports relating to her in the Australian media have used her original mugshot.

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