Dáil to consider condemning Trump travel ban

The motion put forward by Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin would declare US President Trump's executive order on immigration "prejudiced and discriminatory"

Dáil to consider condemning Trump travel ban

US President Donald Trump in Washington this morning, 02-02-2017. Image: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The Dáil will next week debate a motion declaring US President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration as "prejudiced and discriminatory."

The motion declares that security vetting "based on race, religion or nationality is discriminatory and unlawful."

Two hours have been set aside next Thursday to consider the motion put forward by Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin.

If accepted, it would see the Dáil write formally to President Trump asking for the executive order - which has placed a temporary ban on people from seven Muslim majority countries entering the US - to be repealed.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan said the debate was an opportunity for the Dáil to unite in opposition to President Trump’s “divisive, regressive agenda.”

“In the short period since taking office, every major move or utterance by President Trump is offensive to the founding principles of democracy, human rights and the rule of law,” he said.

“We fear for a future governed by such instincts of fear, division and ‘otherising’ for personal political gain.

“That is why we need to come together against Trump's agenda.”

Deputy Ryan said the motion is also an opportunity to take a stand against the Trump administration’s gagging of federal scientists, his climate change denial, his plans to continue the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines and his plans to build a wall along the Mexican border.

A large crowd is expected to join a protest against the travel ban outside the US embassy in Dublin between 6pm and 7:30pm this evening.

The rally is organised by the ‘Unite Against Racism’ group and there will be simultaneous gatherings in Cork, Galway and at Shannon Airport.