Didn't get U2 tickets? Here's how you could still see them

If you're prepared to spend the cash, you could still see the band on their Joshua tree anniversary tour

As expected, U2's return to Ireland for their Joshua Tree anniversary tour has sold out in record time.

Many fans queued for hours to secure tickets for the 30th anniversary show in Croke Park on July 22nd, returning after playing six nights at the 3Arena in 2015.

If you weren't one of the lucky few who secured one of the 80,000 tickets, fear not - there's a few more options worth investigating.

Travel packages

If money's no issue and you're feeling particularly like treatin yo' self, Ticketmaster are offering travel packages - with hefty price tags.

A lower tier Cusack Stand ticket and a night in a 4 star hotel for one person will cost you €1,125.


Ticketmaster's authorised re-seller Seatwave has already begun advertising tickets to the gig, with prices starting at €269 on the morning they went on sale. 

On Get Me In! - another Ticketmaster-backed site - a ticket will set you back upwards of £219. Because of the demand, this price will undoubtedly rise significantly. 

Users can also search the #TicketFairy hashtag on Twitter, or check other sites such as Viagogo or Toutless, however these routes all come with their own caveats. At the time of writing, 258,321 were looking at tickets for the concert on Viagogo.

Toutless operate a policy of selling tickets for face value but given the demand, tickets will be scarce.


Beyond Ireland, the band will be taking the Joshua Tour to London, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels. Face value, tickets will cost in or around what you would have paid for a spot in Croke Park.

At the time of writing, there were still tickets available for the Berlin show at the Olympiastadion for €121. If you're not ready to say "Guten tag!" to Bono, Brussels is another option, with tickets costing around the €180 mark.

Dates in France and Italy have both sold out. Demand on Ticketmaster's Amsterdam site was so high on the day of sale that it was impossible to get beyond the loading screen.

Hold out hope

Following Garth Brooks-gate, it was established that only three concerts could take place in Croke Park over the summer period due to protests from residents. With Coldplay only playing one date, there's room for U2 to announce a second date.

With that said, people held out similar hopes for Coldplay - and look how that played out.

Bruce Springsteen's Croke Park gig similarly sold out in an incredibly quick time, but due to the huge level of demand a second gig was added for those who were unable to make the first one. 

Fans should also keep an eye on U2's official social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook, as well as their website, where news of any new gigs to be added to the schedule will be announced. 

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