Debt collection company seeks €100 hospital bill from two-year-old

The child was brought to the emergency department in Portiuncula in Galway

A debt collection company wrote to a two-year-old to seek €100 for an emergency visit. 

It's claimed that the child from Roscommon couldn't get a visit from a local doctor-on-call and had to be brought to the emergency department in Portiuncula for treatment.

But the hospital then used a debt collection agency to ask the child to pay the €100 fee for going to the emergency department without a doctor's letter.

Local senator Terry Leyden says the fee should be waived.

"The child is only two years of age, and the hasn't got €100," he said. "The family are not in a position to pay this bill as well."

Meanwhile, the INMO reports today that there are 8 people on trolleys in Portiuncula hospital.

University Hospital Limerick has the highest number of patients waiting on a bed today, with 26 people on trolleys and 15 people on wards.