Jury in David Mahon murder trial ask to see knife block from his kitchen

He denies murdering his stepson in May 2013

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Dave Mahon (left)arriving at Dublin Central Criminal Court with his wife, Audrey Fitzpatrick | Image: RollingNews.ie

The jurors in David Mahon's murder trial have asked for a block of knives from his kitchen to be brought to the jury room.

Mr Mahon denies murdering his stepson Dean Fitzpatrick on the landing outside his apartment at Northern Cross, Dublin 17 in May 2013.

According to Mr Mahon, Dean confronted him with a knife he had taken from his kitchen. They had been arguing over a stolen water bottle.

He told gardaí he took it off him and put it in his back pocket, but later produced it on the landing outside his apartment as he chastised him for pulling a knife "on his auld fella".

What happened next was an accident, he said. He told them Dean walked into the knife.

The court heard the 23-year-old had a history of self-harm and his stepfather suggested he may have even wanted to walk into it.

He left the complex and threw the knife out a car window as he drove along the back-roads of north Dublin.

Before the jurors began their second day of deliberations this morning, they asked for the block of knives to be brought to the jury room as well as a knife that was found on Mr Mahon's balcony.

They also requested the pathology report and another explanation of murder and the lesser charge of manslaughter.