Danish prince announces he will not be buried next to queen

French-born Prince Henrik has expressed 'discontent' over his official title of prince consort

Danish prince announces he will not be buried next to queen

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik of Denmark. Picture by: Patrick van Katwijk/DPA/PA Images

Denmark's Prince Henrik has announced that he does not wish to be buried next to his wife, Queen Margrethe.

The couple have been married since 1967, but the French-born Prince Henrik has repeatedly expressed frustration with his official title of prince consort.

Henrik (83) has insisted that he would rather be referred to as king consort, and therefore acknowledged as his wife's equal.

The prince retired last year, and no longer takes part in many official duties. He remains married to the queen, but has also renounced his formal title.

In comments translated by the Reuters news agency, the palace's director of communications Lene Balleby told Danish tabloid BT: "It is no secret that the Prince for many years has been unhappy with his role and the title he has been awarded in the Danish monarchy. This discontent has grown more and more in recent years.

"For the Prince, the decision not to buried beside the Queen is the natural consequence of not having been treated equally to his spouse - by not having the title and role he has desired," she added. 

According to Reuters, a Danish princess traditionally becomes queen if her husband takes the throne.

In a separate statement on the royal family's official website, officials said: "The Queen has for some time been familiar with the decision of His Royal Highness and acknowledges the decision. The Prince's decision does not change The Queen's funeral plans."

The statement also denies any suggestion that Prince Henrik wants to be buried in France, explaining that his "wish to be buried in Denmark remains, but the circumstances are not yet in place".

Margrethe - who became queen in 1972 - will be buried in Roskilde Cathedral in eastern Denmark, in a sarcophagus made by sculptor Bjørn Nørgaard.