Damien Dempsey leads Famine commemoration walk

"Without Food, Without Voice, Without Name" was the theme

Damien Dempsey leads Famine commemoration walk

Damien Dempsey led the commemorative walk on Saturday. Credit: Caoimhseach Connolly

Damien Dempsey led a walk from the Garden of Remembrance to Glasnevin Cemetery earlier on Saturday in commemoration of The Irish Famine.

Glasnevin Cemetery has the largest mass grave in the country with tens of thousands of victims of the famine interred. 

Speaking in the lead up to the event Dempsey said: “It’s our duty to pass on the true history, brutal and beautiful, to the children, and they might see they have more in common than they thought with less fortunate people around the world now.”

 Oddly, the names of all the famine victims are kept in the Glasnevin registry, which is unusual for mass burials.