D1 fights to stay relevant

'Reimagine Dublin One' hopes to bring more shoppers north of the Liffey...

D1 fights to stay relevant

Queen of Moore St 2013 Carmel Mooney / Rolling News

The Reimagine Dublin One programme has taken on the task of making the business core around Henry St and O'Connell St more appealing for shoppers.

It's a joint project being undertaken by the business group DublinTown, the Dublin City Architects’ Framework Project, and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) - it hopes to make sure that the area remains relevant as consumer habits evolve.

DublinTown's CEO Richard Guiney joined Breakfast Business to discuss the project and the importance of "future proofing" central North Dublin.

He believes that the area has the potential to "take off" in the next five to 10 years as changes are implamented.

While the high streets and shopping centres are a hit with the public, he told Newstalk that the area is perceived as needing more independent shops and restaurant options.

In areas such as Caple St, Liffey St, Parnel St and the north quays there are clusters of well-loved shops and restaurants - but there is a problem with the "junctions" between the main thoroughfares as they are "uninviting" - meaning that many visitors don't stray too far from the high street.

While the area has suffered from social problems - including a high level of drug usage - Mr Guiney believes that while these issues have not been eradicated, small area policing is working, and that there has been a significant improvement over the past five years. He thinks it is now time to time to look "to the future" as these issues improve.

Following a series of workshops (including a well-attended event on Friday of last week - despite its clashing with Ireland's Six Nations international) and a consultation process, the AIA team will present their findings and recommendations to The Lord Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr in The Gresham Hotel at 6pm this evening. This event is open to the public.