Cuba announces five days of military action

It is the 7th time Cuba has mobilised for such strategic exercises

Cuba announces five days of military action

Image credit: John Crel/Flickr

Cuba has announced five days of military exercises to prepare for possible "enemy actions" following Donald Trump's election win.

The manoeuvres were scheduled in advance and have not been directly linked to the Republican candidate becoming President, but they were announced within hours of the result.

They are aimed at preparing troops to confront what the government calls a "range of enemy actions". It is the seventh time that Cuba has held the so-called Bastion Strategic Exercise, which in the past has been linked to a state of high tension with the US.

It is thought the first time was after Ronald Reagan was elected American president in 1980. Mr Trump has pledged to reverse President Obama's decision to re-establish diplomatic contacts with Cuba as part of an ongoing process of normalising relations between the two countries.

Tourism in Cuba has flourished recently after years of hostility, and hundreds of executives from the US and dozens of other nations have visited the island interested in doing business.

But Mr Trump wants that stopped unless President Raul Castro agrees to more political freedom on the island, a concession considered a virtual impossibility.

The announcement was made by Cuba's Revolutionary Armed Forces in red ink across the top of the front page of the country's main newspaper.