Crocodiles used as weapons in bizarre Australian school break-in

The vandals in question could face up to A$50,000 fines or 5 years in prison

 Four young men are being sought by police in Australia after CCTV footage at a local school was found showing three saltwater crocodiles being used to break open a glass door for the perpetrators to enter.

 The four men then entered and vandalized the office, stole a computer's hard drive before exiting the building, leaping over the crocodiles.

 The animals in question, the largest reaching up to 2 meters, were found to be in poor health, with poor skin due to extended periods out of water and were extremely malnourished. Senior Constable David Gregory said that they may have to euthanize.

  The saltwater crocodiles are a part of a protected species, with animal cruelty to the reptiles earning those responsible either a A$50,000 fine or up to 5 years in prison.