Stepson wins High Court case for lotto jackpot share

David Walsh will receive a share of a €3.3m prize

Stepson wins High Court case for lotto jackpot share


A Galway man has successfully sued his stepmother for a one-sixth share of a €3.3m lottery win.

Mary Walsh of Perssepark in Ballinasloe claimed he gave up his entitlement to any winnings when they gave him the family home.

Mr Justice Richard Humphreys accused Mrs Walsh of “ducking and diving” in the witness box and described her evidence as “unreliable”.

He went further saying he was satisfied she had made a “conscious and deliberate decision” to swear an affidavit she knew was false to hide assets.

He dismissed her claim that she was the sole purchaser and owner of the winning ticket and was satisfied it was a joint exercise with her late husband.

He rejected her claim that her stepson accepted the family home instead of a €200,000 share.

“Why would he do such a thing when the house was worth €65,000 less?”, he asked.

As one of six people who signed the back of the winning ticket, he said Mr Walsh was entitled to a one-sixth share of just over €564,000.

Mr Justice Humphreys also rejected her counter-claim for her stepson to give the family home back to her.

David Walsh spoke as he left the High Court earlier.