Courts Service issues warning over spam e-mail relating to 'jury fine'

The e-mail asks receivers to pay a fine for not turning up

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The Courts Service is warning the public against a false, spam e-mail which tells people they must pay a fine for not showing up for jury service.

It says the e-mail is seeking personal details from recipients and is not from the Courts Service or the jury office.

"It is a false instrument - designed to gather details about the recipient", the Court Service says.

"The mail alleges the recipient has not answered a jury summon. It offers a means of answering this allegation. But answering this mail causes a second one to be forwarded seeking banking details for payment of a fine".

"Providing such information is a recipe for fraud, and has been reported to An Garda Síochana".

The Courts Service says it would never communicate in this manner, or seek bank details via an e-mail.

It adds that the return address is not one set up, or ever used by, the Courts Service.

An example of the false e-mail is below:

Source: Courts Service