Court upholds one ground of appeal over Ian Bailey's failed legal action

Most of his case was not put to a jury

Court upholds one ground of appeal over Ian Bailey's failed legal action

Ian Bailey (right) speaks outside court | Image via @FrankGreaney on Twitter

Updated: 16.39

Most of Ian Bailey's reasons for appealing his failed legal action against gardaí and the State over an alleged conspiracy have been dismissed.

Among his allegations was a claim they sought to procure statements from people which incriminated him in the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

On May 1st 2007, Mr Bailey initiated legal proceedings for an alleged conspiracy; accusing gardaí of trying to frame him for the 1996 murder of Ms du Plantier in west Cork.

That 2007 date is important because most of his claims were not brought in the six years beforehand, and were considered to be statute barred during a lengthy trial in 2014.

He was not successful but appealed the decision on a number of grounds - all but one of which were dismissed today.

The court did order a re-trial in relation to his claim that gardaí disclosed confidential information to some newspapers in advance of a libel hearing in 2003.

But Mr Bailey wants to examine the judgement carefully before deciding on his next step.

The question of costs will be dealt with in October. 

Mr Bailey said he welcomed the decision.

"I really can't say very much more at the moment - it's a 50-page decision here, we're going to have to look at it and go through it.

"Well I would have hoped that I might have won on more points, but this has opened the door on a new case, and that's what we came here for.

"So we're reasonably pleased".