Conspiracy theorists spark new 'girther movement' over Clinton's mic pack

A bulge in the back of the Democratic candidate's pantsuit sent truthers into a tailspin on Monday night

Conspiracy theorists spark new 'girther movement' over Clinton's mic pack


Throughout the US presidential campaign so far, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s every move has been a topic of hotly contested debate, from her personal health and stamina through to the number of times she smiles. But now a new wave of conspiracy theories has arisen from Monday night’s first debate between her and the Republican Party’s Donald Trump, with Clinton’s critics pointing to a bulge in red pantsuit as having a darker meaning.

It all started earlier this month when rumours, reportedly started by the actor James Woods, ran rampant that Clinton was wearing an earpiece to coach her through an appearance on NBC – something that has since been discredited. Days later, when Clinton appeared faint after developing walking pneumonia, without any evidence, Trump supporters with a more fantastical bent diagnosed her as a benzodiazepine addict, an alcoholic suffering from seizures, chronically ill with Parkinson’s disease, and... a secret agent of the grand lizard people conspiracy.

After Monday night’s debate, the truther website Info Wars ran a story about a “hidden device” nestled under the back of the Democratic candidate’s clothes. Speculation started to pick up that it could have been another earpiece, or maybe even a device sending electrical impulses to the brain to prevent the telltale tremors of someone suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

It wasn’t long, however, until Clinton’s mysterious bulge was widely dismissed, even on online forums known to be a breeding ground for the wildest accusations, as being merely the transmitter pack of the lapel microphone she was wearing. Ever since an audio debacle during the debate between Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford in 1976, which saw both candidates stand in silence at their respective podiums for half an hour, all debates require multiple audio recording equipment.

But that's just what she wants you to think...

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